ACE Trains LMS Period III Coaches


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Big Four era.

C/18 Stanier maroon stock.

ACE Trains LMS Period III Coaches

Period III coaches cover the later years of LMS from 1933 to 1948 and into railway nationalisation as LMS designed coaches continued to be built for several years before the introduction of British Railways (BR) Mk 1 stock. LMS coaches in their final form helped pave the way for the BR standard coach. The corridor designed LMS stock built in the transition years of 1949-50 was distinguished by the circular toilet window feature – this particular batch of coaches became known as ‘Porthole’ gangwayed stock. Period III coaches were often referred to as ‘Stanier’ stock but such was their robustness many examples lasted until the late 1960s.

Stanier created his Period III coaches to a new standardised format and style which was to last for the remaining lifetime of the company. His coaches were now flush sided and constructed from a standard LMS underframe sharing common truss rod dimensions. Period III coaching stock was characterised with windows having well rounded corners with a sliding ventilator incorporated in the upper part of the window and ribbed roof styles. Period III (1933 to 1948) saw the last batch of LMS named train services but mostly involving secondary routes such as ‘The Irishman’ and ‘The Granite City’ in July 1933 from Glasgow, ‘The Bon Accord’ and ‘The Saint Mungo’ from Glasgow in July 1937. The very last LMS named train service to be established was ‘The Palatine’ from St Pancras in July 1938.

The vast bulk of LMS designed stock was constructed to a 57’ length chassis but most of the passenger full brakes and kitchen cars were built to a 50’ chassis. This is perfectly reflected in the ACE Stanier coach sets where kitchen cars are made to 35cm. Period III coaches are perfectly matched for running with ACE Duchess and forthcoming Fowler 4F, Black 5 and Jubilee class locomotives.

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