Greenwood Two Rail Standard Scale Points/Turnouts

Greenwood O gauge two rail standard scale points/turnouts.

Greenwood Two Rail Standard Scale Points/Turnouts

Whether it’s traditional wood plank or modern concrete style sleepers you’re looking for, our track solution is unique. We are the only two rail O gauge manufacturer/supplier able to provide a bespoke service using highly realistic fine scale track specification, but especially tailored to the requirements of deeper-flanged wheels of standard scale manufacturers such as ACE Trains.

For those not totally familiar with fine scale track work terminology, the following notes provide some guidance. The point/turnout curve is measured over a longer distance from the beginning of the blade to approximately the start of the check rail. After the curve, the rail on the point/turnout will remain straight. A, B, C and D determines the angle on the V crossing, which is represented by 1 in 4, 5, 6 or 7. Continuing curved points/turnouts can be made to individual specifications.

Features of two rail standard scale points/turnouts:

  • Laser cut ABS plastic or timber to create concrete or wooden sleeper track bases designed to be compatible with proprietary track systems. These points/turnouts connect with Peco fine scale code 143 flatbottom Flexitrack.
  • Left or right points/turnouts start from 36” (3’) radius/72” (6’) diameter connecting to fixed and flexible track systems. This is the minimum turn that the majority of standard scale locomotives allow having originally been developed for the requirements of traditional three-rail track systems.
  • The rail and individual chair components match Peco Flexitrack code 143 rail. With ABS or timber track bases Peco Indivualay pandrol chairs are used.
  • Standard scale points/turnouts start from A4.5 (36” or 3’ radius) the smallest to D12 (298” or 24’ radius) which is the largest possible configuration. Standard scale points/turnouts allow a back-to-back of 27mm and a check rail gap of 2.5mm. If you have sufficient space for your layout and want to create a setting used normally for fine scale locomotive running, then the smallest point/turnout will be B6 providing a 72.9” or 6’ radius.
  • For parallel track running it is recommended that a distance of 90mm between the two inner rails is adopted. This allows a real life 6’ distance between the parallel rails, to ensure O gauge locomotives, carriages and freight wagons pass freely.
  • With curved parallel tracks, it is recommended increasing the distance between the track so that a real-life minimum of 7’ 8” is achieved allowing sufficient space for long carriage overhang. Most British carriages are rarely over 45cms in length but if Continental coaches are to be run, they can be up to 50cms long to allow for the larger real-life European loading gauge. Peco’s fine scale code 143 flatbottom Flexitrack allows the necessary track plan modifications to be safely achieved.
  • Curved points/turnouts, three-way points/turnouts, crossovers, diamond-crossings, single and double slips providing multiple exit entries are available on request.
  • Similarly, bespoke manual and electric operated track points/turnouts can be built according to individual designs and requirements and is made to order. A free software Templot 2 package allows for planning and designing specific track work. Export files may be sent to us to manufacture exact track work specifications.

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