Lehnhardt Continental Trams

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Key features of Lehnhardt Continental Trams

  • Coarse scale wheels running on dedicated roadway
  • Vehicles linked together by an ingenious magnetic coupling
  • Frosted glazing on tram cab windows
  • Available as starter sets or as individual tramcars and trailers
  • A strong and robust 12/14v DC motor driving both tram axels
  • Can be powered by a OO gauge 230v transformer/power unit

Lehnhardt Continental Trams

German company Lehnhardt is a manufacturer of gauge O tinplate-style trams and related products. The company – well known on the Continent but not so familiar in the UK and the US – has an expanding range of road-based products and specialises in new tinplate-style O gauge tram cars, freight wagons, track and accessories. Appealing to many Continental model railway enthusiasts, O gauge tinplate-style trams certainly look perfect running alongside the MTH Leipzig tinplate station.

Lehnhardt provides a great opportunity to add tramways, roads and sheet-metal inspired buildings to your layout. Given the range of Continental gauge O model railway products now available from a variety of manufacturers, this is the perfect way to enhance your model railway collection with an accompanying tram and roadway system. Lehnhardt products are extremely well manufactured and very robust; lithographic printing is of a first-class quality providing a clear and crisp definition.

Trams, trailers and buildings carry a superb range of detail and clarity that certainly captures the atmosphere, elegance and style of urban life in the first half of 20th Century Europe. Lehnhardt products cover three main eras of Epoch I – 1900 to 1921, Epoch II – 1921 to 1945 and Epoch III – 1945 to 1968. O gauge tinplate trams sport liveries from many well-known German cities including Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dresden, Nuremberg and other European cities such as Zurich.


Lehnhardt uses a common grey plastic roadway track system with ETS of the Czech Republic – a name that will be very familiar to many O gauge European model railway operators. The track comes with a cobbled-stone effect roadway incorporating steel profiled rails to a coarse scale standard. Lehnhardt and ETS use common roadway straights; larger radius track curves are used by Lehnhardt but when combined with ETS’s tighter curve it is possible to create a parallel double track roadway.

ETS also produce a limited number of smaller O gauge length trams that can be run on both ETS and Lehnhardt curved track whilst Lehnhardt’s longer wheel base trams and trailers are restricted to their specially designed outer curve track formation. Running Lehnhardt and ETS trams and roadways together with O gauge trains creates a fully integrated European railway and roadway system.

Starter Sets

To get you going Lehnhardt manufactures a wide variety of passenger and freight car sets together with a circuit of track. The set also contains a simple European style power unit operating at 230v but any other 12v DC British power unit can be used. ETS also has a more limited range of Continental gauge O tram and road vehicle products. Any questions simply contact us and your fully integrated Continental model railway and roadway system will be up and running in no time at all.

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