Accurascale is now a highly established model railway business setting new industry standards. It’s sister brand is Irish Railway Models and it all came about following a meeting of minds of four modellers back in 2015. As the parent company, Dublin based Irish Railway Models continues to produce the most exquisite GSR, CIÉ, Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail) and Northern Ireland Railways 00 models.

At the outset of the journey, it was as the company described it, the first step of a new adventure into the world of British outline model railway manufacturing. Since making the bold move and the jump to British outline, it has since flourished developing a range of highly detailed, ready-to-run (RTR) 4mm and 7mm scale models, achieving phenomenal success in the 00 sector, and by winning countless model railway industry awards from the sector’s leading publications.

Much of the company’s initial British plans ‘were conceived over (many) pints of Guinness’ by a small, but committed band of model railway enthusiasts, and as a project undertaken in spare time during evenings and weekends whilst still holding down the day job. The rest as they say is history with Accurascale now making forays into ever growing 7mm modelling.

In recognising a common Irish antecedence, Shamrock Trains is now Accurascale’s first dedicated 0 gauge retailer. With our Shamrock Finescale sister brand, we aim to build a strong presence in the 7mm finescale RTR model railway sector. Both Shamrock and Accurascale maintain high commitments to research ensuring models are class-leading, representing superb manufacturing workmanship, value for money, and fundamentally looking like the real thing. A class apart!