Two Rail Track

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There are a number of proprietary two rail O gauge track systems available but the best known in the UK is Peco based in east Devon who produce a number of two rail track systems that have been used for many years by coarse and fine scale model railway enthusiasts alike. Peco SM 32 track although designed as a 16 mm narrow gauge scale format is an ideal O gauge system for running both ACE Trains, Corgi/Hornby Bassett-Lowke and MTH Hi Rail locomotives and rolling stock. The track however, is not ideal for the running of vintage and older very deep flange wheeled locomotives and rolling stock. Peco SM 32 comes in fixed radii track, uses Code 200 nickel silver rail and with its robust nature can be used for fixed garden railways.

If you’re looking for an authentic looking track system that resembles the real thing then Peco’s flat bottomed track and points is suitable for the running of most new ready-to-run models from ACE, MTH (Hi Rail and fine scale wheels), Seven Mill Models and Darstaed coaches and rolling stock. Darstaed is planning to launch two rail fine scale versions of its new locomotives so an assessment will be made once they appear. It comes in set track formations but also one of the best characteristics of this particular Peco track is that it comes in flexible lengths allowing very specific track designs to be accommodated. The only requirement with flat bottomed Peco track is the suggested removal of the point check rail with ready-to-run locomotives such as from ACE. This is the only adjustment needed for made for the vast majority of ready-to-run models.