Shamrock Lineside


Under Shamrock Lineside, we’re unveiling a range of lineside products and accessories to meet the needs of a wide community of 0 gauge model railway enthusiasts including discerning finescale modellers, devotees of traditional and modern die cast and tinplate running vintage model railways, and those aficionados overseeing 0 gauge trains in the garden.

One of the product ranges we’re developing are all metal 0 gauge bridges using 10mm square box sections that appeal to both finescale and standard scale modellers. Our bridges are also ideal for external usage for two and/or three rail or live steam running as they are constructed in long-lasting and non-rusting aluminium with stainless steel nut and bolt joinery. As an all metal structure, they possess a unique look and feel just like the real thing.

Their light-weight but robust construction also makes them ideal for bespoke modellers as they sit comfortably on laser cut mdf or wood fibre board brick or stone bridge abutments, stanchions and connecting railway buildings. And looking magnificent when integrated into custom-built 0 gauge 1:43 scale street settings. Likewise, they look great on layouts or dioramas where they have been adapted as road bridges with pavements and pedestrian access. Double decker buses, coaches, commercial vehicles, vans and cars simply provide a very realistic effect.

Future 7mm bridge developments will include scale under beam versions, through plate girder, deck plate girder, through lattice girder, deck lattice girder, pony truss girder, bowstring girder, inverted deck bowstring, pony arched girder, under arch girder, and through arched girder bridges. Shamrock Trains has entered into partnership with MVL Bridges of Alsager, Cheshire. Bridges are manufactured in Great Britain and are custom built to order.