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Merkur may not be a name that is instantly recognised but the company is part of the great European tradition of 20th century toy making. Based in Police nad Metují in the Czech Republic, Merkur can trace its origins back to 1925 when it first developed a toy metal construction kit (not so dissimilar to Hornby’s Meccano) which it still manufactures to this day! Over the years Merkur has produced a wide variety of traditional European continental tinplate model railways in 1:45 vintage style. The company also produces Hornby O gauge style three rail tubular tinplate track which can be utilised in conjunction with similar track offerings from Lionel and Middleton. After extensive examination and trials Shamrock Trains has now decided to become one of their European stockists. This track option in our opinion is of an extremely high quality, is very robust and value for money. Merkur has now entered the British O gauge 1:43 locomotive market by producing a highly attractive engine that has its roots in war-time production and was used across Europe.