Cararama is a Hong Kong based company owned by Hongwell with manufacturing on the Chinese mainland. They produce models in several scales, but the company is particularly well-known for producing budget and affordable 1:43 vehicles. Many designs have been produced in association with Oxford Diecast over the years with many vehicles appearing in boxed Oxford branding in the UK.

Cararama provides an ideal solution for 0 Gauge model railway enthusiasts requiring a considerable number of vehicles to be accompanied on period road transporters or aboard railway carflats. British Rail used these railway vehicle types for long-distance freight movements typically holiday traffic or for transporting new vehicles from car factory railheads. The Motor Rail brand appeared on modified high-speed carflats that started appearing in new corporate blue liveries in the mid-1960s. They became synonymous with long-distance overnight services such as the Anglo-Scottish sleeper trains. Caramara creates an ideal solution for railway modellers as many of their vehicles are drawn from the mid-part of the 20th century.